The Series


Road to Avonlea, The Series

Road to Avonlea is set in a fictional small east coast town on Prince Edward Island in the early 20th century. Based on characters and stories from the novels of Lucy Maud Montgomery, the 95 episode one-hour series was a spin-off from Sullivan Entertainment’s miniseries of Montgomery’s best known novel, Anne of Green Gables. Among the 95 episodes are both uproarious and touching stories that celebrate childhood and imagination alongside more serious themes of birth, love, old age and death as experienced in a small community during the Edwardian era.
The long running saga co-produced with Disney and CBC came to be regarded as something of an institution. Its sumptuous, cinematic production values, heartfelt characters and story lines sparked a cult-like following all over the world. Tales from Avonlea, as it was known on The Disney Channel aired consistently between March 1990 and January 1997. A reunion movie called An Avonlea Christmas was produced in 1998.