Season 1

Season 1


Sara Stanley is forced to live with her deceased mother’s relatives, the King Family, in the charming town of Avonlea, Prince Edward Island. Her journey down the Road to Avonlea takes her and the entire King Family through tales of romance, fancy, tragedy and comedy. Sara’s story is intertwined with many unforgettable L.M. Montgomery characters from the cast of the original Anne of Green Gables mini-series.


  • Sara Stanley first arrives in Avonlea
  • First appearance of Jasper Dale. Author W.O
  • Mitchell guest stars as Alexander Abraham
  • Zoe Caldwell guest stars as Old Lady Lloyd
  • First appearance of Peg Bowen
  • First appearance of Aunt Abigail Ward

Guest Stars

  • »Colleen Dewhurst as Marilla Cuthbert
  • »Lloyd Bochner as Andrew Cameron
  • »W.O. Mitchell as Alexander Abraham
  • »Zoe Caldwell as Old Lady Lloyd
  • »Frances Hyland as Nanny Louisa Banks
  • »Fiona Reid as Maude Craig
  • »Malcolm Stoddard as Malcolm MacEwan
  • »Rosemary Dunsmore as Abigail MacEwan
  • »Wayne Robson as Amos Spry