Season 5 Episode 2

Memento Mori


With Hetty King in Charlottetown meeting her publisher, the King family feverishly prepares a surprise fiftieth birthday party for her. Meanwhile, Hetty receives bad news – her publishers think her writing is stale and they terminate her contract.

Hetty, suffering from stomach upset and a deflated ego, returns early to Avonlea and finds that Muriel Stacey has moved back. Sara is fascinated by Muriel’s exciting life, and Hetty’s stomach ache is worsened by pangs of jealously.

Hetty refuses to budge when Sara tries to entice her to the party. So the Kings decide to bring the party to her, and discover her collapsed on the floor. Hetty undergoes an emergency appendectomy, and two weeks later finally has her party.

With a new lease on life, Hetty regains some of the youthful abandon she had lost. She decides to stop writing pulp fiction, and instead, write about what she knows – her love of Prince Edward Island and the people who live there.

    Fan Facts

  • Originally Aired January 9, 1994
  • “Momento Mori” is creator/producer Kevin Sullivan’s favorite episode.
  • This episode was originally going to open with a flashback of a young version of Hetty with even younger versions of Alec, Ruth and Roger wishing Hetty a happy birthday. The flashback was replaced with a beach scene. The beach scenes with young Hetty and her mother were shot on Prince Edward Island.
  • The Avonlea “Whistle Stop” was built in a field a few miles from the Avonlea Village site. Director, Don McBrearty had to be careful to frame his shots to hide the fact that the tracks abruptly ended. The whistle stop was eventually moved to the North East corner of the Avonlea Village site for logistical reasons.
  • The travelling scene with Hetty, Muriel and Sarah in the car was shot in the same field as the whistle stop scene. The car was actually on a trailer being towed by a camera truck.
  • The final scene with Sara and Hetty on the beach was a combination of footage shot with Jackie Burroughs and Sarah Polley at the Avonlea Village site intercut with footage of photo doubles shot on P.E.I.
  • Mairon Bennett real life sister to Zach Bennett, provided the voice of young Hetty King. She later returns to the world of Avonlea as Colleen Prichard.
  • Dr. Snow made his first appearance in this episode.

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