Season 6 Episode 1

The Return of Gus Pike


While at medical school in Halifax, Felicity King meets Gus Pike unexpectedly. Together they discover a strange street woman, Eliza who Gus soon believes to be his dead mother.

Risking her standing at University, Felicity follows Gus back to Avonlea with Eliza to unlock the clues of his past. They are shocked to find that Eliza is indeed Gus’ mother, who everyone assumed to have died when Gus was a child.

Gus leaves Felicity to take Eliza to the Caribbean and find out more about her dark past but not before he asks Felicity to marry him and she accepts.

    Fan Facts

  • Originally Aired January 15, 1995
  • “The Return of Gus Pike” was one of the most elaborate episodes of RTA ever produced. It took 12 days to shoot instead of the usual 10, and was shot mostly on locations other than the studio and Avonlea backlot, required hundreds of extras and used numerous horses, wagons and period boats.
  • This episode was the first and only appearance of Janet-Laine Green as Eliza Pike. Janet-Laine Green also appeared in “Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story”. Janet is also the mother of Tyrone Savage who played Fat Bailey on Sullivan’s “Wind at my Back”.
  • The Dalhousie University scenes were actually filmed at various locations on the University of Toronto campus.
  • The Halifax street scenes were filmed at Gooderham & Worts in Toronto. Gooderham & Worts, once the world’s largest producer of alcoholic beverages, is now a popular Toronto shopping and entertainment destination known as The Distillery District.
  • The Halifax Harbour scenes were filmed at Marine Terminal 28 in Toronto using a popular sailboat called “The Empire Sandy” as a backdrop. The Empire Sandy is also the ship that Gus and Eliza sail away on at the end of the episode.
  • The location for Captain Ames house was “Spadina House”, one of Toronto’s historic estates. Spadina is located right beside Toronto’s famous castle, “Casa Loma”. Both of these beautiful buildings are open to the public and conduct daily tours.
  • The Ferry used in this episode is a Great Lakes Steamship replica called “The Oriole”. Docked at Toronto Harbour, “The Oriole” hosts private functions and corporate cruises on Lake Ontario.
  • The Devil’s Pulpit scene was actually filmed on a section of waterfront land known as Squires Beach in Pickering, Ontario. This was also the site of Felix’s Tea House in Season 5 and the burned Dale Cannery in Season 7.

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