Season 4 Episode 5

Moving On


When ex-U.S. Marshal Zak Morgan comes to Avonlea with a traveling Wild West show, Sara develops a serious crush on him and the exciting and romantic life he leads.

Sara tries to sort out her new feelings about Zak and seeks out Felicity for advice on how to attract his attention. Sara enters a riding competition being held at the show and Zak is genuinely impressed with Sara’s innate riding ability, which further adds to her infatuation.

Sara decides to leave Avonlea and join Zak on the road, only to find him gone when she arrives at the fair grounds. Zak Morgan and his Wild West Show has moved on and Sara has learned her first lesson in love.

    Fan Facts

  • Originally Aired February 7, 1993
  • The Disney Channel gave the episode the alternate title of “Sara and the Marshall”
  • The weather was extremely difficult to deal with on this show. One day it would be snowy and cold and the next it would be rainy and mild. To make matters worse, Zak’s Wild West Show was built when it was very cold and the ground was frozen but it soon became Zak’s Wild Mud Show when the temperature rose and it started to rain. The entire site became a mud bog and virtually every piece of equipment was stuck and covered in mud. The effects crew attempted to put down snow foam to try and match continuity with previous scenes but their truck kept getting stuck in the mud. Even the lighting cranes that provide moonlight for the race scene got stuck trying to get out. When shooting was finally completed, a mobile pressure washer had to be brought in to wash all of the equipment before it could be loaded into the trucks.
  • The Wild West theme is felt even in the music, which for this episode has a much more western theme.

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