Season 4 Episode 4



Alec King’s boyhood friend Emmett Grier returns to Avonlea with his young wife Evelyn and their baby daughter, Carrie. Soon after his arrival, Emmett is killed in a boat explosion while out fishing with Alec.

Alec is devastated by his friend’s death and is consumed with guilt because he survived and Emmett didn’t. Alec now feels obligated to take care of Evelyn and Carrie. However, the strain of taking care of Emmett’s family takes a physical toll on Alec and causes a rift between him and Janet. To make matters worse, Alec’s concern for Evelyn is misinterpreted by the community and rumors begin to fly about his relationship with the young widow.

Ultimately, Janet confronts Alec about spending too much time with Evelyn and he realizes that he needs to put his own family first. Evelyn also sees the strain Alec is under and decides to move to Toronto and start a new life as a piano teacher.

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