Season 4 Episode 11

The Disappearance


Based on a school assignment to write about one’s next ten years, Sara Stanley worries about her future. With her trust keeping her financially secure, she is afraid that others will always take control of her life. She wants to prove that she can have a life of her own and pursue her dream of being a writer.

She convinces her Aunt Olivia to allow her to assist in covering the local antique show for the newspaper, the featured attraction being famed expert antiques dealer Gerald McDougall Young. In reality, Gerald Young is Jonathan Ravenhurst Blackwell, nephew of business magnate Lady Edith Blackwell.

Lady Blackwell wants her nephew to take control of the family business but Jonathan has different ideas. Antiquities are his true passion and his pseudonym allows him to pursue his passion without his aunt knowing. Complications ensue for Jonathan/Gerald when Lady Blackwell comes to Avonlea to look for her nephew, who goes into hiding upon her arrival.

When evidence is found of Jonathan having been in Mr. Young’s hotel room, the authorities and some of the townsfolk believe that Gerald Young is a fraud and that he may have abducted Jonathan. Thus Sara’s story becomes solving the mysterious connection between Gerald McDougall Young and Jonathan Ravenhurst Blackwell .

    Fan Facts

  • Originally Aired March 28, 1993
  • The hotel at the beginning of this episode is a remodel of the Kingsport Ladies College set from Season three’s “High Society”.
  • Guest Star Robbie Benson was the voice of the Beast in Disney’s animated film “Beauty and the Beast”.
  • Diana Rigg who plays Lady Blackwell is now Dame Diana Rigg, as she was knighted soon after this episode in 1994.

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