Season 3 Episode 8

Friends and Relations


Janet arranges a day at the Markdale auction for the King and Ward women, as Alec arranges an ice-fishing weekend for Jasper Dale, Felix and himself. The weekend begins in high hopes of a good time, but the women’s outing quickly deteriorates when Janet and Abigail MacEwan start their incessant petty bickering.

Accusations fly among the women, driving a wedge between Janet and Abigail. Meanwhile, Alec and Jasper try to renew their childhood friendship, while Felicity and Sara, left in charge of Daniel and Lucky, manage to “lose” Lucky and go after him in the woods.

When the women arrive home, not speaking to each other, their argument is forgotten in their concern over Lucky. The sisters disappear in the woods and promptly get lost in a blizzard, as Lucky comes home with Digger.

The men come home to discover their wives and daughters missing and take off after them. Digger is responsible for reuniting one and all, and at the King Farm everyone agrees that regardless of quarrels, they are all friends and relations.

    Fan Facts

  • Originally Aired March 1, 1992
  • The exterior Ice fishing scenes were shot on Brookdale Pond near Uxbridge and it was extremely cold.
  • This location was also used a few years later for the Bailey Cottage on Sullivan’s series “Wind at my Back”.
  • The interior ice fishing scenes were filmed in the studio over a large, heated swimming pool. A scuba diver was in the water to make sure Cedric Smith and R.H. Thomson didn’t get trapped under the set.
  • The snow storm scenes were filmed using large fans and artificial snow.

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