Season 3 Episode 6

Aunt Janet Rebels


After suffragette Amelia Sandhurst speaks at a temperance society meeting attended by most of the adults of Avonlea Janet King, despite the possible embarrassment to the King family, takes up the cause. To assist Amelia, Janet vows to get at least fifty signatures on a petition going to the government to allow women to vote. Angus McCorkadale, is vehemently opposed to women’s rights because he pays women, including Peter’s mother Maude Craig, paltry wages at his cannery.

Although many do support the cause, few are willing to sign until someone else does. However, if Janet can get the signature of Angus’ reclusive wife Margaret, who is known to wear the pants in the family, others will follow suit. But that may be easier said than done.

Janet’s activism keeps her away from home a lot which puts a great strain on her marriage. Frustrated, Alec tells her to stop but she refuses and goes to stay with Hetty.

Determined to get her fifty signatures, Janet goes to the cannery to talk to the workers there. Afraid that Angus McCorkadale will fire them if they sign, the only signature Janet gets is Maude Craig’s, who Angus immediately fires.

In retaliation, Janet and Maude convince the other workers to strike and Angus has Janet thrown in jail. Alec decides he has been wrong about not supporting Janet and comes to help her. Meanwhile, Margaret McCorkadale finds out about the strike and the low wages and makes Angus settle the strike and drop the charges against Janet.

In the end, Maude Craig gets her job back with better wages and Janet gets her 50 signatures along with a new found respect from her husband, her family and her community.

    Fan Facts

  • Originally Aired February 16, 1992
  • This was the last episode to feature Peter Craig and Constable Abner Jeffries.
  • Many of the scenes for this episode were filmed at The Pickering Museum Village including: the Town Hall, The McCorkadale House and the Police Station.
  • The Women of Prince Edward Island eventually received the right to vote on May 3, 1922.

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