Season 3 Episode 3

When She Was Bad, She Was Horrid Part 2


Back in Avonlea, Jo, still pretending to be Sara, has been stealing everything in sight. Her latest theft, the only one at which she’s been caught, is the church’s weekly offerings. Hetty is mortified at Sara’s behavior but believes that she is suffering from some sort of mental illness.

Gus convinces Abe that he has a score to settle with Jo Pitts so he can be reunited with Sara. Gus and Sara wind up locked into the hold of Abe’s ship bound for Jamaica but they manage to escape and make their way back to Avonlea.

Jo Pitts has continued to terrorize Hetty. She is in the process of running away with a bag of loot from Rose Cottage after dumping Hetty in the lake during a boat ride, when she is captured by Gus Pike. Meanwhile, Sara returns to Rose Cottage and tries to explain everything but nobody believes her.

In the end, Gus arrives with Jo Pitts and all is revealed. Jo is offered a place to stay at Rose cottage but decides she wouldn’t fit in and runs away. Sara realizes that Hetty is just trying to look after her the best she can and Hetty realizes that Sara needs more freedom to make her own choices.

    Fan Facts

  • Originally Aired February 9, 1992
  • This episode was the only two-part episode in the entire run of Road to Avonlea.
  • The scene where Hetty falls out of the boat was shot at Chalk Lake Farm, which is on a private lake North of Whitby, Ontario. This is also where the Tomgallon House was in “Lady and the Blade” and the site of the Dominion Day celebration in “Love may be Blind, but the Neighbours Ain’t”.
  • The ships hold that Gus and Sara escape from was actually a set built in the studio.

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