Season 3 Episode 5

Another Point of View


Everything runs afoul when Alec King is elected to the school board. Hetty King resigns as school teacher after being criticized by parents for pushing her students too hard and Alec agrees with them.

After struggling to find a replacement teacher, Alec hires the colourful Alistair Dimple to take over. However, unbeknownst to Alec, Dimple is actually a struggling actor pretending to be a teacher because he needs a job.

Dimple has a flair for the dramatic and teaches his classes by having the children act out important events in history. Dimple`s inventive methods inspire the children which makes Hetty quite jealous and curious.
Eventually Alec discovers that Dimple is an imposter but after the students win a History Bee against Markdale, Alec decides that no harm was done and lets Mr. Dimple move on to his next performance.

Alec asks Hetty to take her teaching job back and she agrees… and the children are delighted when she uses some of Mr. Dimples “methods”.

    Fan Facts

  • Originally aired January 26, 1992
  • The Disney Channel titled this episode ‘Facts and Fictions’.
  • The Town Hall set was built specifically for this episode. It was also used as the theatre that Mr. Dimple is performing in before coming to Avonlea.
  • The establishing shot of the Exterior Town Hall was shot at The Pickering Museum Village. It was actually a shot from “Aunt Janet Rebels” which explains the “Rummage Sale” banner being put up.
  • Marc Marut, who would later go on to plat Elbert Werts, makes his Road to Avonlea debut as a Markdale student at the history bee competition

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