Season 3 Episode 11

The Calamitous Courting of Hetty King


Wally Higgins, a happy-go-lucky, bachelor salesman from the “Windy City Skates Company” arrives in Avonlea eager to sell his skates to one and all. However, the minute he sets his eyes on Hetty’s size 6AAAA feet, his heart does a somersault – he’s found what he’s been looking for all these years – the little lady with the perfect “tootsie wootsies” to share his life with!

Hetty, however, is too preoccupied with long time neighbor Wellington Campbell’s claim that he owns part of King property to take Wally’s infatuation seriously. Hetty misinterprets Wally’s romantic advances and has no idea he is courting her until it blows up into an embarrassing public scandal that involves the entire community.

Meanwhile, Felicity King has also has romantic problems. She desperately wants Gus Pike to ask her to the annual skating party and enlists Sara’s help to spur Gus on.

    Fan Facts

  • Originally Aired March 29, 1992
  • Ned Beatty guest stars as Wally Higgins. Ned Beatty and another Road to Avonlea guest Christopher Reeve are most famous for their roles in the iconic film; Superman.

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