Season 3 Episode 1

Ties that Bind


The simple wedding plans of Jasper Dale and Olivia get out of hand when Hetty King decides to take charge after they fumble an elopement.

The event takes on grandiose proportions when Hetty is goaded into competing with the wedding of the overbearing Mrs Bugle’s daughter. The chaos and confusion tries Hetty and Olivia’s relationship as Olivia makes futile attempts to have some say in planning the wedding. Janet and Alec’s marriage is also strained when Janet is expected to host the wedding, prepare the food, bake the wedding cake and care for her own family, including her newborn baby and her elderly Great Aunt Eliza.

Despite an oversized wedding gown and a missing ring on their wedding day, it all comes together in the end. Alec and Janet rediscover their love, Olivia and Hetty come to terms with their fear of change and Jasper musters up the courage to toast his new bride.

    Fan Facts

  • Originally Aired January 12, 1992
  • The Disney channel version of this episode was titled, ‘Sister of the Bride.’
  • This episode featured the debut of Eulalie Bugle and Digger the dog.
  • The Dale House, which was attached to the Cannery set on the Avonlea backlot, was built for this episode.
  • A special, spring loaded suitcase was built so it would pop open when Olivia handed it to Jasper through the window during the elopement scene.
  • The Avonlea Presbyterian Church is actually the Pinegrove Church near the Avonlea backlot in Uxbridge. It was previously seen in the season 1 episode ‘Conversions.’

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