Behind The Scenes

  • The Village of Avonlea: A Look Back

    Clip from the Road to Avonlea — Season 5 special feature “The Village of Avonlea: A Look Back”. This video provides a candid, behind the scenes look at the cast and crew and what a typical day was like on the set of Road to Avonlea.

  • A Fond Farewell: The Avonlea Cast Looks Back

    This behind the scenes features contains never before seen interviews with the Avonlea cast and Kevin Sullivan that were conducted during the final year of filming. In these interviews, the actors all reflect about their experiences on “Road to Avonlea” and how it feels to be leaving the show after seven years. Kevin Sullivan also explains his reasons for ending the show for both practical and creative reasons.

  • Behind The Scenes

    Kevin Sullivan and cast menbers from Road to Avonlea and Anne of Green Gables discuss the origins of Road to Avonlea.

  • Prodigious Talent

    Road to Avonlea had an incredible cast of talented kids and this video explains the difficult process of finding them.

  • An Avonlea Christmas

    The award-winning cast of “Road to Avonlea” returns for this touching King Family reunion. As they prepare for their traditional Christmas dinner, their gathering is marred by the news that one of their youngest members, Felix, is missing in action on the battlefields of Europe. To make matters worse, the indomitable Hetty King collapses with an unexpected health emergency. “An Avonlea Christmas” is an uplifting drama that reinforces the power of family love in times of crisis.

  • For a journey through the making of Road to Avonlea look at the Avonlea Album


7,000 pairs of shoes

including period skates, slippers, high-button boots and dance wear

10,000 costumes

half of which were original designs for all of the lead performers and guest stars

2,000 hats

with enough feathers, frills and furbelows to exhaust a full-time millinery department.

Road to Avonlea period drama costume
Road to Avonlea period drama costumes

Avonlea scripts presented enormous challenges; and so did the actors who often had much to say about their character development and how it would best be reflected in what they wore.

Most female performers who had been subjected to seven years of authentic corsets and heavy undergarments had no desire to keep them. Souvenirs were the rare costume jewelry, eye wear, head dresses, wigs and fans that had been procured at great expense and sold at the production’s close to enthusiastic memorabilia hunters.

Costume Design Stills

Set Design

Road to Avonlea set design


The challenges were often enormous. From a traveling circus to Dickensian back alleys. From a completely snowbound schoolhouse that had to be shot both interior and exterior in winter blizzards, to cricket fields, castles, caves full of bats and ships at sea!

Over the course of many, many episodes Sullivan and his team of writers opted to set scripts in other locations as well as Avonlea. The production team was challenged to create a permanent maritime seaport out of the cobblestone streets of a 19th century Toronto distillery.The fashionable private girls attended by Felicity was staged at Penryn Park, an estate in nearby Port Hope, Ontario, The locations grew more lavish, fanciful and complex as the series grew in size, character and scope. Meanwhile, the original interior sets for King Farm, Rose Cottage, the Dale House, the Pettibone House and the General Store were maintained across four sound stages in Sullivan Studios. Even these became crowded with the mammoth completion of two floors, offices, dining room and kitchen of the Edwardian seaside resort – The White Sands. Though Road to Avonlea grew in scale and imagination, it never lost its heart. Thanks to the talented team of designers and set decorators, as well as Sullivan’s production expertise, the show’s unique brand of humour and human drama was allowed to evolve as far as the writers’ imaginations could dream.

Road to Avonlea set design

Set Design Stills