Watch An Avonlea Christmas Online!

Where to watch An Avonlea Christmas

As the summer begins to fade we can’t help but feel a little sad that the months of sunshine and beaches are behind us once again. The days are getting shorter, our sleeves are getting longer. It’s always a sad feeling when the months of summer fun come to an end. But we here at Sullivan are looking forward, to Christmas! Maybe we are looking too far forward, but Christmas is a magical time and we here at Sullivan have so much to offer fans of Road to Avonlea around Christmas time. An Avonlea Christmas We recently launched our streaming website called Gazebo TV. You can watch the entire series of Road to Avonlea online, including An Avonlea Christmas! This is such a special story to the series as it ties up loose ends and gives our beloved characters some new adventures.     Forget your end of summer blues and look forward to what’s coming next by watching An Avonlea Christmas on Gazebo TV: