Avonlea Summer Recipes

We are in the late stages of summer, but the days are still long, the nights cool and it’s the perfect time to sit outside and have..

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French Toast For Pancake Day


Pancake Tuesday is coming up and we have an interesting and yummy alternative to the standard fair for you! This recipe..

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Warm Winter Mornings

Winter is in full swing, and with winter comes dreary cold mornings that make it feel so difficult to get out of bed. There is nothing I..
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Fall Recipe: Turkey Noodle Soup

We love the autumn! It brings with it cooler weather, longer nights and some great recipes for Fall foods! One of our favourite Fall..
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Thanksgiving Feast from Avonlea

For the American fans of Road to Avonlea, Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away. The day is set aside for us to reflect on the aspects of..
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